Friday, January 30, 2015

My First Time

So here it goes! I am taking the plunge and starting my long overdue blog.  My family and friends can attest that I have been talking about starting this blog for...well, forever—but then I kinda got pregnant and as a result, my plans fell by the wayside... until now.

My beautiful baby girls are turning ONE next week (I am still processing the fact that's it been a whole year since they were born.  Can someone please freeze time!!), which means I am ready for the birth of my new baby: Decor Envy.  I envision my blog to serve as an outlet for my creative and artistic side.  I will share my design inspirations, offer a peek into my ever-evolving home (which the hubby wishes would stop evolving.. ha!) and my design projects. 

But first, I'll share my first major project: my home.  We gutted it from top to bottom, and renovated just about every inch of the house.  Before the transformation, the house looked like it was stuck in the 1980s with hideous wallpaper everywhere, and by everywhere, I mean everywhere.  But, the shell of the house was perfect.  More about the transformation later, with before and after pix.  For now, here are a few snippets of my home.   

I have an obsession with tufted everything.  One of the treasures in my living room is my matte black leather sofa from Horchow.  And that gorgeous brass wheat-sheaf side table is from One Kings Lane, in case you're wondering.

I have developed a love for emerald green.  I need a velvet emerald green sofa in my life.  But, I can't have the sofa (right now) so I went with these emerald green canisters.  They look perfect in the stairway nooks.  

Everyone who knows me, knows that I have an obsession with black and white.  It was only fitting to paint my stairs black and white... oh, and the walls, and the banisters and handrails.

I believe every room needs a little sparkle.  So, why not put three chandeliers in my dining room! 

The best way to describe my powder room is Hollywood glam, which was not an intentional design choice for this space.  I had a different vision, but things went in a different direction-- and except for a few tweaks I want to make, I think I'm happy with what is coming to fruition.  And, can I tell you how obsessed I am with the lucite and brass goodness in here?! Yum.

That's it for now.  I hope you enjoyed the read and would love to hear your feedback.  Thanks for joining me on this ride. Until next time!

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