Friday, July 10, 2015

Ikea hacks that are simply drool-worthy

Have you ever seen a piece of furniture that wow'd you... then you come to find out, it is from Ikea. Say what?! Suddenly you are ecstatic because you realize how affordable the item is, and it could be yours (with a little bit of work). Now, that is a delicious moment.

I have come across my fair share of Ikea hacks, and have even tried a couple of my own: an office desk, media cabinet, and nursery shelving.  But my hacks barely compare to some of the complex, fabulous ones out there.  If you're an Ikea hack fan, then you'll appreciate this post because I have consolidated some of my favorite ones.  Get ready to make a trip to Ikea this weekend!

First up are these Billy bookcases with the frame painted in a contrasting color, including the baseboard heaters at the bottom.  You know how I feel about black and white, so this is a personal favorite. That leather butterfly chair is gorgeous, too.

You have probably seen Billy bookcase hacks A LOT not knowing it's an Ikea Billy-- so here's another one by the uber talented Gwen Hefner of The Makerista.  The level of complexity and sheer gorgeousness that you see in this custom built-in hack--with its tasteful crown molding and a sliding library ladder-- makes my heart skip a beat.  Oh Lawd! If you want to recreate this look, check out the step-by-step details here.

Now, how about these Ikea Besta units that were combined to make this midcentury modern masterpiece.  Two Ikea Besta shelf units, metal legs, faux wood grain contact paper (yep, you read right--that's contact paper!) and some other miscellaneous pieces were used to put this baby together. To recreate this look, go here for the tutorial.

Do you need a built-in wardrobe, but you don't have the budget for it.  Fear not, the beauty below is the affordable Ikea Pax wardrobe!  Blogger Jenny Komenda, the brains behind this jaw-dropping creation, painted the frames individually before assembly (smart!) using Zinsser's shellac-based primer and Benjamin Moore's Advanced line for painting furniture.  She went with Benjamin Moore’s Knoxville Gray to get that moody dark gray, which was the prefect choice.  She went with the Bergsbo-style doors and installed custom-cut mirrors on the doors.  And, last but certainly not least, she added crown molding and chunky hardware, which made this hack really pop!

If you're in the market for stools, I really hope you try this hack! These are Ikea's Dalfred bar stools, which cost $40 a pop!  Rust-Oleum gold spray paint was used on the seat and on the feet, a part of which was sectioned off with painters tape.  A super easy hack for less than $100 bucks! Check out the tutorial here

Sometimes gorgeous furniture does not have to cost a lot.  With a little sweat, creativity, and DIY effort, you can also get fabulous one-of-a-kind pieces.  I am always too eager to get to the results part, so I can compare the before and after.  I imagine I'm not alone! Happy Friday.

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  1. That library from The Makerista is MIND BLOWING. Oh my god, people are just ridiculously clever, aren't they?! xxx

    1. Oh em geeee yes! I absolutely love it. I keep dreaming about re-creating it. I wish I wish I wish!!