Thursday, July 16, 2015

My Latest Musings

Who has a full online shopping cart on just about every home furnishing/decor website? (Guilty.) I have a constant itch to freshen up spaces in my abode and incorporate new accessories so I often peruse websites and add items to my shopping cart.  While I don't check out immediately,  I let the items sit in my cart until I pull the trigger... eventually! But adding it to the cart gives me comfort that the item/s is/are almost mine.

The CB2 frame canopy bed is errrythang.  No seriously.  It is matte black in glam plated brass.  Does it get any better?  No, my dear.  OK, do you see that sheepskin stool with brass legs.  I will almost certainly pull the trigger on that at some point.  That's gotta come home with mama.  I can see it living all over my house-- living room, basement, bedroom.  The marble top/brass coffee table is a beauty.  I have been on the hunt for a child-friendly coffee table, and the curved edges and marble (not glass!) top seem to fit the bill.  I recently came across an inspo image (below) for our backyard and then CB2 created these gawgeous black chairs, which tells me this is fate.  I must buy these for my outdoor space.  And, I can never get enough vases so this Anthropologie vase has been sitting in my shopping cart for oh.. approximately 276 days now. The other thing I can't get enough of are trays, and when I saw the brass and acrylic tray from Williams & Sonoma, I added it to the shopping cart and bam, checked out like that!  I have been looking for these pedestal tables for quite some time.  I want to put a bust statue on them.  So, this one is definitely going into the shopping cart for a near-future purchase.  And, who doesn't love the iconic Butterfly chair.  Its beauty + price point makes this a winner in my book.  If you're not convinced yet, take a look at the inspo image below.

black chairs, copper light


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  1. Gorgeous items!! Love everything and I totally put stuff in my shopping cart that just sits and sits until it goes out of stock - BOOOO!! lol But I do have that coffee table from West Elm and I love it! It's a gorgeous and very heavy table so go on, ya know you want to ;) xxx

    1. Re: the West Elm coffee table, that is good to know! I currently have a glass and mirrored table from Z Gallerie and I'm always nervous when my kids are around it. I've been on the hunt for a circular/non-glass coffee table safe enough for the kiddos. I am in love with one specifically, but alas it's way out of my price range. Story of my life.