Monday, July 27, 2015

What's Your Decorating Style?

I often find myself asking people looking for design advice about their style and aesthetic preferences.  Trends can always be incorporated into home decor, but the foundation of your interior decor should reflect your personal style so that you create a home you love beyond the current season.  To determine your personal style fundamentals, ask yourself what homes am I most drawn to as I peruse Pinterest and magazines; what defines my personal style; what colors do I love? If you find yourself still stumped, take a look into your closet because our clothing style usually runs parallel to our decorative styles. If you love classy dresses, you are likely to love classic furniture and decor in your home.  If you gravitate towards edgy in your wardrobe, you are likely to be attracted to edgy interior styles.  Catch my drift?

If you think you're confused because you like multiple aesthetics all at once, you are.  Kidding! Most of us cannot be defined by one interior style.  You might like rustic with some modern edge.  Or you might adore the constant juxtaposition of old and new, traditional and contemporary.  I personally love mixing aesthetics, which makes a space that much more interesting.  As you do this, you should make sure to balance your various style cravings.  And, if you want one room to be a completely different decorative style, that is OK too.  I would keep the unique aesthetics of that room confined to that room, and not let it bleed into the rest of your home which should reflect your true personal style.

I'll stop blabbing now and show you what I'm talking about.  I have put together a gallery of some decorating styles that speak to me.  Take a look and see what piques your interest.


Eclectic spaces are a medley of bold colors and statement pieces. You see a lot of mixing and matching: old and new, traditional and contemporary, loud and muted, glam and understated, and so on. The best way to master this aesthetic is take the plunge and choose a few items to anchor the space, and then throw in accessories, such as rugs, artwork, and other accents.  Aim for contrast between light against dark, modern against traditional, rustic against elegant, matte against glossy -- and make sure to edit the space until you get the right balance.  A stylist never stops editing.


In my mind, contemporary translates to less is more.  You see clean lines and solid or subtle patterns contravening the ornamentation and colorful prints of traditional decor.  Contemporary spaces are open and airy with little to no clutter.  So your goal here should be smooth profiles/clean lines, minimal accessories, and more solid and subtle pattern prints.

Hollywood Regency

Think big glamour and glitz.  This style is bold and dramatic with the neoclassical-inspired lines of English Regency.  You'll see Art deco and modern lines simultaneously.  The color scheme that anchors this style is black and white (speaking my language!) but with pops of bold color, like kelly green and dark blue.  Another popular element of Hollywood Regency is lacquer.  What screams glamour better than sheen and lacquer?! So, go do some lacquering stat. 


Just like their fashion sense, the French know how to decorate their homes.  I literally feel like the heart-eyes emoji any time I see a Parisian-inspired space.  How do you recreate Parisian design gorgeousness and get that certain je ne sais quoi?  First, herringbone wood flooring!  Look at each picture above. What do you see?  Yep.  If you can, make it happen.  Herringbone flooring screams Parisian. Second, if there is a way to recreate period features, do that too.  Add boat loads of wall moulding and ornate ceiling medallions.  Next, white walls. The French love white walls.  A gold-leaf large mirror against a white wall is Parisian.  You will also want to throw in unique, vintage finds.  And, another key element is juxtaposition -- mixing old and new.  Parisian designers perfect eclectic decor.  One more tip, add chandeliers.  Oh, how I love chandys. It is the simplest way to add Parisian flair to your home.  

What's your decorating style? 

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  1. I love them all, Yelda, but the Parisian inspired is amazing!

    1. Me too! The Parisian-inspired designs are divine. If only I could find a home like that in Virginia ;) until then Home Depot moulding and ceiling medallions will have to do!

  2. I adore the eclectic, Hollywood Regency and Parisian styles - or hell, a bit of everything, why not?! ;) Gorgeous inspiration images in this post!! xx

    1. Right! My thinking exactly. I love mixing things up-- some Parisian, and throw in some smooth lines/profiles, etc. Now money needs to start growing on trees so I can do everything I want. =)