Thursday, August 27, 2015

Painting Kitchen Cabinets

Mea culpa for being MIA!  I recently returned from a much needed adults-only Caribbean getaway. Boyyyy, did I need that breather.  Now I'm back and as bad as ever.  Ready to get back into this blogging thing, which I have missed - and you, my readers - oh so dearly!!  Today we are going to ruminate on kitchen renovations because I secretly (or not so secret... maybe just a secret from le hubby) want [another] one and because we all just love nice new kitchens.  Duh.

But the kicker is... kitchen renovations can be really really expensive.  Ef.  And, the most expensive part = kitchen cabinets.  Bigger ef.  However, there are ways to save moola (and the hubs from a heart attack) here.  The popular and budget-friendly option that homeowners are increasingly opting for is to paint and reface the cabinets.  But, of course, painting cabinets has its challenges too, including picking the right color.

I have chatted with a couple friends lately who are planning a kitchen reno, and it got me thinking about my own kitchen renovation.  We got lucky and found our kitchen cabinets at half the cost of retail value.  If we had not, we probably would have decided to change the doors and repaint the cabinets-- which can feel daunting.  I have culled through some of my favorite kitchen paint jobs and am shedding light on good paint options in case you're on the hunt.

My adoration of a good ole high contrast kitchen with white upper and black lower cabinets is also no secret.  If this design floats your boat, here are paint options: Farrow & Ball All White paired with Farrow & Ball Pitch Black.  (Tip: when painting kitchen cabinets, contractors like to suggest an oil-based primer.  Here's the kicker that contractors don't often consider, but designers worry about.  Oil-based primer generally yellows with time.  With black, perhaps, that's less concerning.  But yellowing primer with white paint sounds like an eventual panic attack.  You're welcome.)

Some inspo. (Colors are unknown.)

Okkk.. navy cabinets!  I didn't get it at first, but now I'm lovin' it.  It's common to see a kitchen painted robin's egg blue or other shades of light blue and such.  But these deep, cozy and (dare I say) warm blues are the new blue in kitchen space.  If you're looking for a navy blue paint for your kitchen, you may will like these.  

Farrow and Ball Drawing Room Blue
Benjamin Moore Hale Navy

Ralph Lauren Rue Royale

Since, we are talking color... let's get a little more bold and look at this green kitchen.  I mean green with frakking envy! If you didn't already know, this is Cameron Diaz's Manhattan kitchen. 

Look at it.  Internalize its beauty.  And don't forget this vision.  I mean you can't.  You will always remember this green jewel of a kitchen.  

Talk soon. Toodles.


  1. I've been going back and forth over painting my kitchen cabinets and all of these colours have been up for consideration! It's like you've read my mind ;) Gorgeous inspiration although it hasn't made things any easier for me - I love them all! Ha! ;) xxx

    1. You and I are both in the same boat! Although, we are talking about moving in less than two years so it might not be worth the investment. I had my heart set on black lower cabinets and white uppers with some open shelving/less upper shelving. However, a glossy dark blue is really speaking to me right now! Such a hard decision for someone who actually has to pull the trigger!!

  2. Yelda, we just bought a house and i have to design the whole kitchen-slightly on a budget.. THus i can't afford a designer to do it all..but I'm totally digging the brass knobs on deep navy...(bottom cabinets) and white upper cabinets... *I LOVE that first photo you posted on this blog* i'm all about a contrast..QUESTION: would navy bottom cabinets be too dark for a small kitchen?? -thinking white marble granite or butcher block countertops and a rustic wooded island with white marble granit on top too?!?!?!?! LOVE YOUR DESIGNS!!!!

    1. Hi! Not at all. Especially not if you top it off with a white marble/granite/quartz countertop. I love contrast, and I think navy bottoms and white uppers would look stunning. I can just imagine! Good luck, and enjoy the process.

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