Sunday, September 6, 2015

It's September! What do I have up my sleeve?

Is it really September? Time is passing by so fast. I really became more conscious of the passage of time after becoming a mum.  But, yes, it is September and we are about to enter my favorite season, not least because fall fashion is my favorite (side note: I may do some fall fashion posts because I love it oh so much)--and I have some home update plans in mind.  What's up my sleeve.  Read on, friends.

In the immediate future, le babies, my mom and I will be traveling West to visit family.  You can follow along on Instagram and Snapchat.

On the design front, a dear friend recently bought a new home and well that can mean only one thing. We got some zhushing to do!  What makes this even more exciting is that she, like yours truly, is also black + white obsessed.  First up, is her master bedroom (and lots more to come so stay tuned). Here's what's cooking:

I am working on a few e-designs, and am so loving it! {On that note, if you're interested in e-design/mood boards, take a look at my right tool bar or the "services" tab at the top for rates and details}

Let's turn our attention to my little abode.  Remember when I said I was craving a change in my powder room.  Well, I'm still wanting that.  Pix of powder room to jog your memory.

I want to replace the black velvet wallpaper and black + white painted stripes (I know, shocking that the b + w is going buh-bye.  This girl is craving change, what can I say) with one of the following wallpapers.

This Anthropologie one:

Or this one called nightrose:

I am currently leaning towards the latter.  Nightrose.  So pretty.  What do you think?

If you recall in my first ever blog post, I gushed about my future velvet green sofa.  Well, I think I have found the one.  The goal is to get that baby in my living room by year's end.  My birthday is in December so maybe a certain somebody will surprise me (wink wink my Mr.)... Do you want to see the beauty? Of course you do. Have a lookie.

Look at the brass legs on this cushiony, velvety goodness.  This sofa is what dreams are made of.  We have also been discussing replacing our coffee table with something more child friendly.  I would really loveeeee to have this one.

But the price is steep.  But it's lovely.  Good thing I am loving a few coffee tables out there, and have been considering this West Elm one too.

The rug also has to go. My girls have blessed it with all kinds of toddler stains.  At this point it's hard to look at.  I have not found the perfect rug yet.  I always have a tough time when it comes to selecting a rug.  But, I'll share my options when I have narrowed them down to a few.

Well... that's that.  Now whether I can finish said revamps in my home according to the timeline in my head is TBD.  Will share updates as I have them so stay tuned.

Happy fall.  Talk soon.  Toodles!

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