Monday, August 10, 2015

Louis XV makes an appearance... oh, and some lucite + brassy goodness

Heyyy design lovers!

In case you all missed my Instagram post, I announced the winner of my pillow giveaway on Monday.  I hope the winner is enjoying her fab new leopard pillow by Patti of Southern Shades.  I also own two of her leopard velvet pillows and LOVE them.

I have made some decor updates in the Aman abode.  Some that I am ready to share and others that I would prefer to wait to share until I feel it's "finished" (again, using this term loosely) before I give you a peek. In the meantime, here is what I got for you.

Remember this Louis style 19th century arm chair I found on Craigslist a couple months ago?  Well... I finally got around to reupholstering the chair.



Do you love it? I wanted black and white fabric-- uhhkay, yes I know I'm slightly  too obsessed with black and white errythang, BUT in this case there is more logic behind my thinking than my pure obsession with b + w.  I do not ever, ever, EVER want to sell this chair.  Therefore, I need it to be versatile enought that it can transcend fads and new decor schemes that are inevitably going to make an appearance in my future homes.  Black and white is versatile and I can pretty much make it work anywhere in my home now and in the future. At the same time, I didn't want just stripes, whether thick or thin.  The black racer stripe met all my conditions and is a dream come true! Seriously, I've dreamt of this chair, but never wanted to drop $2000+ for a reupholstered/new chair.  Speaking of moola, I bought the chair for $450 on CL.  I paid $200ish for the fabric and $400 for the labor.

I have one gripe.  I thought I had told the reupholsterer to ensure the piping matches the color of the fabric it is touching.  So white piping on white fabric and black piping on black fabric.  Well, as you can see, the chair didn't end up that way.  I am feeling lazy and thinking of just leaving it as is.  That said, I am also a detail-oriented person and think that the white piping on black racer stripe part is going to drive me bonkers.  I reached out to her asking if she can fix it (hoping that IF there is an extra charge, it will be a minimal fee.  We shall see. Ugh).  It should be a minor fix, right?!

Now the other update I have been an eager beaver to share is my new lucite and brass side table! This table has me SWOONING. It is not/not Jonathan Adler (as much as I lurv JA) which means the price point was much more fair to me. Hallelujah! I found this beauty on a Joss & Main sale for $550! I almost made out with my computer screen when I saw the sale.  I immediately sent a text to le hubby and my excitement was so infectious that he instantly agreed (although, given my husband is who he is, there was a condition. I had to agree to recycle and use a mirror that's been in storage. That was a SMALL price to pay.  It was a done deal before the words came out of his mouth--or should I say before his fingers typed the words on iMessage).  Here it is.  I did a quick styling job. I am on the hunt for the perfect accessories for this beauty because it deserves the best.


  1. Oh that chair!! It's stunning, I don't think I've ever seen anything like it! And strangely, I quite like the contrast of the white piping but I totally understand when you pay so much for something and have so much 'invested' (both financially and emotionally) in it, you want it to be perfect :) That table is freaking gorgeous as well - what a deal! Can't blame you for snatching it up! xxx

    1. I'm uhhhhbsessed with the chair and glad I eventually bought it. I went to see it, and le hubby thought the asking price was too much for second-hand buy so I ended up not buying it. When I got home, I instantly regretted my decision... BUT the seller contacted me and dropped the price another $50 and that was it! I ran back over and the rest is history. And, yes, the table was a deal! I've been in love with the Jonathan Adler version for so long, but couldn't convince myself, let alone le hubby, to drop that kind of $ on a side table.