Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Itching for Kitchen Updates

Hello design lovers!  Do you ever find yourself staring at your kitchen and pondering the many changes you want to make?  Well... I do. I fantasize about painting the kitchen cabinets, changing the hardware, and replacing the countertops.  I could blame it on spring fever (or can I?), but I think it boils down to the fact that I'm just a decor-obsessed woman with a constant itch to style and re-style rooms in my house. It's not practical to make major changes in a kitchen that is 3 years old (although I am still planning to change the countertops hopefully at the end of the year. I'm thinking gray quartz). Anyhow I made a list of minor changes to spruce things up in my kitchen. Sometimes a few small changes is all you need to have a big impact.  So, here is what's cooking (pun totally intended).

Does it get any cooler than this knife block set?
Salt + Pepper Mill Set.  Except one will be a few inches taller than the other.  That look was inspired by the salt and pepper mill set I saw in Erica Cook's kitchen design. 

Chopping board.  So clean and simple... and one of my favorite colors-- white, of course!
Utensil holder.  A pop of floral, anyone?  Me me me. 

Paper towel stand.  Yes, in brass.  But... I really like the idea of a wall mounted paper towel holder for a couple reasons, including freeing up counter space.  Check it out:

It's perfectly retro. What do you think? I'm eager to get started. Pay day can't come any frakking sooner. 

If you need help revamping a space in your home, send me a note and we can start whipping up something scrumptious and tasteful for you.  Toodles.

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