Sunday, February 8, 2015

My girls turned ONE! So, a tutu tea party was in order to celebrate...

As I watch the Grammy's and stuff my face with scrumptious lemon raspberry cake left over from my twin girls' first birthday party, it hits me... my daughters are a year-old! Before we know it, they will be two, then off to college, then comes marriage, then I'm a grandma.. OK STOP. Not ready to think of myself as a grandma. Although, I know I'm gonna be a fly grandma.

Here are some photos of my girls' two-cute (get it? two-cute.. twins.. ha ha) tutu and tea first birthday party.  I realize that I might be at the beginning stages of becoming a whacko stage mom, but this stuff is too fun.  I had a blast planning their party and glam outfits... now it's time to plan their second birthday party.  Kidding! Kinda, not really...

They melt my heart... over and over and over.

Vintage cars as favors for E & I's gentlemen friends

Tutus for E & I's little lady friends

Photos courtesy of my awesome cousin-in-law.

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  1. hi , the photo banner is adorable - may i know where you got it from?? if etsy, what is the name of the shop??