Friday, February 13, 2015

Opposites Attract

There is something about tension, juxtaposition, and contrast in design that causes butterflies in my stomach, almost like the first time I met le hubby.  The juxtaposition between feminine and masculine, vintage and modern, old and new designs just draws me in.  What I mean do I mean by feminine vs. masculine? I'll tell ya. Some of the elements you will find in feminine design include softer shades, curvy lines, silver and gold (I love love love brass) metals, and flowers.  In more masculine designs, you'll find darker colors, clean lines, rough exposed materials and leather.  These two design aesthetics combined make some hot babies!

I have lots of crystal chandys in my home, but in my living room, I decided to go with a modern brass light fixture to balance against the many crystal chandys.  My husband made the light fixture--yep, he made it. I swear there's nothing that man can't do. So it has an extra special place in my heart.  Our living room has a boxed beam ceiling, but the light fixture still felt like it was missing some pizazz.  So, I added a ceiling medallion.  And, the combination of my masculine, modern light fixture with a feminine, curvy ceiling medallion made my heart to skip a beat or two.  Thoughts?



The tension between these two lovers drives me bananas, in a good way. 

Here are inspiration photos of interiors exhibiting that juxtaposition I crave.  The modern sofas--one a dark leather-- against this crisp white backdrop of intricate ceiling and wall moulding (I would marry wall/ceiling moulding, if I could.  It will be ALL OVER my next house) is beyond sexy.

The fancy chandelier, the chair, simple round mirror, and tulip table coupled with the ornate gold console table and frames is like wow.

The portraits on the wall, the wooden desk, lucite side table, velvet gray bed mixed with the feminine chair, gold wall mirror and glass nightstand creates so much visual interest-- you can't help, but stare.

Happy Friday, design loverrrrs!  Until next time.

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  1. I too love the juxtaposition between the masculine and feminine...keeps you on your toes!!

    1. I could not agree more-- I have deep appreciation for a good contrast. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Hope you enjoy subsequent posts.