Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Transformation Tuesday

Happy Tuesday design luvers.  This bone-chilling blast of cold weather brought us some long-awaited snow.  And that my friends means this mama gets a snow day, which I am taking advantage of to bring you my blog's first series ever: Transformation Tuesdays.  Eeek.

Remember when I said that our house, before the Yelda touch, looked like it was stuck in the 1980s with hideous wallpaper EVERYWHERE. I take that back... well, sorta.  Going back through the old photos, I realize it looked worse. Like interior vomit worse.  So, over the next several weeks, I will share "befores" and "afters" of my humble abode.  I have to forewarn you that it's been two years since we bought this baby, but I'm still not/not done putting the finishing touches on my home so you'll see some not-so-finished spaces. Then again, nothing is ever fully finished in my house because I suffer from a major case of fickleness when it comes to decorating MY house-- or the things I really really really want, my pocketbook can't accommodate.

I'll stop yapping now and start the show and tell.  Since I have already shared a sneak peek into my powder room, I'll dedicate this post to that transformation process. Here is the monster that first greeted us. Yuck.

One look at this, followed by one look at the hubby.. and he and the contractors quickly understood that this thing was soon going to be poof poof gone.  After some drilling, tearing down, ripping out, breaking, and full-on destruction, we got this


The powder room was originally L shaped, as shown in the before photo.  There was a linen closet in the adjacent laundry room that we tore down and took from to add more space to this here powder room. The original wallpaper was taken down, the floors were replaced, and we added the chair rail and wall moulding.  Remember when I said my home is ever-evolving, well there are some changes I still want to make to this new space.  Call me crazy, but I want to take down the wall paper on the main wall and continue the black and white stripes there. I super regret the white floor tiles with the epoxy grout. But, there are other projects that need finishing up so I'll leave any changes for way later.  I, also, have some accessorizing to do.

Thank you lots for reading.  Would love to see your comments below (hopefully, I'm not talking to myself ha ha), and please don't forget to subscribe by email (to the right). Toodles!

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