Friday, April 3, 2015

Styling Your Coffee Table

I'm doing the happy dance because I'm finally back in blog world!  As you know, I was recently in Istanbul for almost two weeks on a family vacation.  That was fun, but as soon as I got back home, I got buried in a mountain of work at my day job.  I climbed out of that mountain today! Nuff about that...

Let's talk about what's happening here.  I promised someone a long time ago, I would do a blog post on coffee table vignettes and today I decided would be that day-- probably because my coffee table is actually free of baby finger prints right now (likely won't last for more than a few seconds), which also means it's presentable enough for photos. So, first thing's first.  What's a vignette?  In a nutshell, it's a grouping of items usually atop tables and shelves.  Ok, now that that's squared away.  Let's chat about arranging the perfect vignette for you.

There are no rules, really, when it comes to styling your coffee table. But, there are a few key principles I follow in styling my coffee table.

Less or More

Your first step should be to decide your decor style.  Are you a minimalist or a maximalist? I personally like in between.  Not too much and not too little.  There are times when less is more, and there are times when stacks of magazines/books and an array of objects can almost look like a murder scene.  You have to decide -- based on your decor style and preferences, the space and size of the table, and function (If I put too much on my coffee table, my 13 month old twins will likely try to eat half of what's on the table and break the other half).   Also, take into consideration the aesthetics in the rest of your living room.  Whatever you decide and do, for the love of chocolate, don't leave the tabletop empty.

Layer with a Tray

I am a big fan of trays to consolidate the items on my coffee table.  It makes it look more clean and organized.  Also, a great way to disguise that remote that le hubby treasures (not that I don't treasure it when my Bravo TV shows are on.  Oh, and let's not forget E and HGTV!).  Trays are also great to divide the space when you have a large coffee table.

Book Nerd

You will find the infamous Tom Ford book on my coffee table, as well as Erin Gates' book -- not because their black and white ;). I love books on my tables.  I'm working on adding to my collection. Next on my list is Yves Saint Laurent: Style and The Fashion Book.  And, you got me.  In this case, it's the exterior style and color of the books that matter more to me than the content inside.  Although, fashion books always have scrumptious material inside.

Flowers Power

Flowers, whether fresh or faux, make the space.  Whenever in doubt, add a bouquet of flowers. Simple as that.  Me love pink florals.  Sometimes white.  But, point being, always add florals.  It'll freshen up a space instantly. Enough chit chatting.  Here's some eye candy.

The coffee table in my living room has the Tom Ford book, layered with Erin Gates' gorgeous book, topped with a Michael Aram napkin holder.  The candle holders are from Pottery Barn, the vase is from One Kings Lane, and the faux flowers are from Michaels.

In my basement, I used a Z Gallerie emerald green tray to hold my Erin Gates book, two brass candle holders from Home Goods, a silk faux floral bouquet from One Kings Lane, and -- you can't see it-- but a white glass apple is sitting behind the vase.

Here are some of my favorite inspiration photos.

I'm a sucker for a zebra cowhide rug, but that's besides the point.

Tom Ford books is just gorgeous in any space.  Pink peonies, yes please!

The Tom Ford book makes another appearance.  It's just such a beauty.  While there are a few items on the table, it has a clean look thanks to the simple color palette: black and white with gold accents.  

Are you stuck trying to to decorate parts or all of your home? Need some design advice or hands-on decorating, shoot me a message by clicking here.  I would be thrilled to help!

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