Friday, May 8, 2015

The Beginnings of a Master Bedroom Face Lift

I am excited to share that my sweet deliciously awesome hubby is gifting me a master bedroom makeover face lift.  The minute he told me, my brain went into overdrive thinking of the many things I could do to my bedroom.  

First, let's talk walls.  If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen my post about how I am leaning towards black walls for my master bedroom.  Still the case, but I'm getting some other ideas too as I go pinning.  My design muse Christine Dovey made me fall head over heels for wall moulding therefore moulding is a must in #projectMBfacelift.  Question is what color moulding.  Well, if I paint the room black I will surely do black moulding. But, then I'm thinking should I keep the walls the existing color, Sherwin Williams Amazing Grey, and paint the moulding gold?  Or do I keep the existing wall color but paint the moulding in a glossy finish of the same color.  Darn, so many options.  What do you think?

The gold moulding in Albertina's closet is divine.

But... then I see pictures of my two favorite black bedrooms by Jessica D. Miller of the Design Daredevil and Christine Dovey and the darkness sucks me in like a vortex and a little voice tells me you need black walls, you need black walls, you need black walls.

A couple weeks ago I found a vintage settee on CL for $100.  Score! I am having it repaired, refinished and reupholstered. I'm thinking to go with a racing stripe upholstery like this.

I have some more vintage furniture needing repair.  I bought a vintage Louis style cane bench a couple years ago, and the cane tore so that baby is in the shop getting repaired.  She might be reupholstered in leopard print.  Sorry I don't have a picture of the bench, but as for fabric I want this leopard chenille upholstery I found on eBay.  

I already have these mirrors hung behind our night stands that sit on both sides of the bed--they will remain there.  I just adore them. 

How about a gold zebra rug? 

Or maybe I'll go with this vintage wash rug. Or both!

I plan on putting together a mood board for project #mbfacelift to get a better idea of the vision for this one.  Stay tuned!

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  1. Okay so I just lost a good chunk of my morning reading through your entire blog ;) I think you might be my long lost sister in the design department LOL! Gold, brass, black, white, leopard print, Christine Dovey, The Design Daredevil - ahhh yeah. All of it. Nice to 'meet' you - I'm on board!!

    So I'm thinking... can you do a black bedroom (I've got one of those too) with gold moulding?? #ultraglam

    Kimberly xxx

    1. Kimberly, you are so so so sweet! I felt the same way about you when I fell upon your page (thanks to the ORC) and literally stalked your blog for a good chunk of my day (actually I did a post yesterday on some of my fave ORC makeovers, and your office is at the top of my list!). Thanks a bunch for commenting. Just when I feel like I'm talking to myself, I get a comment or two and get so excited that people are interested in my blog. If you're ever in the DC area, please reach out. I'd love to meet you in person! Xo