Friday, February 27, 2015

The Tiniest Things Take Up the Most Room in Our Hearts

Hellooooo design luverrrrs!

I have a handful of friends who either just had or will soon have their little bundles of adorable.  So, naturally this mama has nurseries on her mind!  The nursery that is overly "baby-fied," if you will, is not really my thing.  I like the unexpected in most things and nurseries are no exception.  A little dash of sophisticated keeps the space interesting.  There is a functional aspect to this as well.  All the mamas can attest to how friggin' FAST babies turn into toddlers, so having a space that is timeless and can grow with your little one is a plus (and potentially less harmful to your pocketbook... maybe).  My girls' nursery is not as grown-up as I had originally envisioned, but it's rather easy to make it such when the time comes.  I'll actually dedicate a near-future blog post to their wittle sanctuary.

As for key pieces in the nursery, here is what I opted for: a dresser versus a traditional changing table. I installed a changing pad on top of a vintage dresser that was refinished by a stellar local vintage shop, Stylish Patina.  The dresser conceals all the not-so-pretty necessities (diapers, creams, shampoo, the evil nasal aspirator, and the list goes on).  We have one rocking chair in the nursery due to space constraints.  If the room were bigger, I would have put two rocking chairs in there because at bedtime, my husband and I both like to rock our girls before putting them down for the night. Currently, with a single rocking chair, one of us is left standing while rocking a baby. Guess which one?

The closet is one of my favorite elements of the nursery.  While, I was on hospital bed rest for what felt like a century, I forced asked my husband to stencil the inside of the nursery closet.  The stencil is called Rocking Roses.  Look at its golden goodness.

I'm kinda envious of their shoe collection.  

If you're looking for inspiration, take a look at these gawwwwwgeous nurseries.  They each have a little something I adore: a fancy chandy, edginess, something gold, a little vintage, a bit of furry, PINK, animal print, etc..  So good to the eye!

I'm loving that vintage rocker and this traditional rug. Def unexpected features in a nursery.

Sophisticated wall art. The color of that rug is divine, by the way. 

This is my fave blogger/designer, Christine Dovey's baby boy's nursery.  That daybed is everrrrrything. Do you see the gold elephant? Too stinkin' cute. 

Pink. Pink. Pink.  And antique victorian chairs.  Perfection.

Black walls in a nursery. Daringly gorgeous. I say yes.

Zebra rug in a nursery.  Yes please!

A dreamy nursery.  Great color palette for a boy's nursery. The animal prints and toys are adorbz.

Did someone say glamourous?! Any space with some black and white, sprinkled with gold, and showcasing a cheetah print rug is a win in my book. 

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