Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Transformation Tuesday: A Black and White Foyer and Stairway

It's that time again, to share a piece of my home that I attempted to take from drab to fab. Have you ever walked into a home's entryway and thought yuck, eww, puke? I did when I set foot into the foyer of our house in pre-reno stage. The tiles were an icky white with even ickier grout that looked like it probably had not been cleaned for the last century.  It needed a major design overhaul.  Did I say major?  But, I could see the potential, which is all that matters! Oh yea, baby.

Here comes the fun part.  It kind of felt like that scene out of a movie where the nerd, who is actually gorgeous underneath the awkward glasses and bushy eyebrows, gets a makeover and the end result is wowzers.  That is how I felt about my foyer that remains unfinished (working on that. Thinking about a fun colored runner, a round table and sexy accessories).  It's not pictured here, but the brass flush mount light fixture  that is currently in the space was original to the house, but I have been planning on changing it. Stay tuned!). Without further ado, here is my foyer after some blood, sweat and tears (well no blood or tears, but sweat, yes).

I think I mentioned this before--and my friends and family are about to start nodding aggressively-- but I heart black and white in everything.  Whether it's clothes, shoes, handbags, or walls, rugs, tiles, furniture, this girl lurvs black and white.  A quick rundown on materials: we used pure white marble tiles in 12 x12" and absolute black 12 x 12" granite tiles from.. wait for it, Home Depot.  Yep.

Then, there was this "darling" stairway.  More yellow.  More ugly.  More me envisioning how I'm going tear this down.

And... then I did.  I'm also not done with this area-- working on curtains for the window and a gallery of picture frames to fancy up these walls.  But, in the meantime, here it is post-reno:

The black paint on the walls, stairs, handrails and balusters are Duron's tricorn black.  Ooh look at the time.  It's time for this mama's bed time. Let me know what you think! Toodles.

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