Monday, March 2, 2015

Pillows. Pillows. Pillows.

I have been thinking about throw pillows again.  Uh oh. I swear I go through throw pillows like tubs of Talenti gelato.  Does anyone else have an irrational commitment to throw pillows?  I have a closet overflowing with "expired" throw pillows, which means my sofas are bare again and need some TLC. In other words, I'm on the hunt (again) for a new set of pillows.  I am also getting ready for a family vaca to Istanbul-- eeek! I'm on cloud nine.  Can't wait.  Since I need to pack for our trip, this post will be of a few words, but more pictures. Lots of eye candy here, people!  Ok, let's get to it. At the top of my list is Kelly Wearstler's channels in charcoal.

You can even find channels print dinnerware! Oh boy. 

I am also really liking this Kelly Wearstler lime green fabric on the antique Louis XVI chairs...

Second on my list is Braemore Jamil.  Oh gorgeousness.  That leopard print. Rawr. 

The other fabric I discovered thanks to my über fashionable coworker who has a great eye for decor is Schumacher Pyne Hollyhock.  In charcoal. Such a beauty.

Two of my picks in one picture.  Floral and leopard.  Uh, yes!

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