Friday, April 10, 2015

Black (and White) is My Crack. The Foyer.

It's Friyay, and I've been working on a little sumin sumin I wanted to share with you.  I moved into my house two+ years ago, and my foyer remains empty.  Smh.  Has anyone else taken that long to finish a space in their house?  Please speak up so I don't feel like the world's biggest procrastinator (plagued with some lots of indecisiveness).  It is time to give my red-headed step child of a foyer some love and attention.  Especially, since a foyer is the first thing people see.

You may recall a blog post about my foyer transformation a few weeks ago.  I'm working with a black and white diamond pattern floor, white walls, a black front door and black/white stairs. Oh, and brass hardware, specifically door knobs and a flush-mount light fixture, which was original to the house and will be replaced.  

These are inspo photos that helped me come up with the design.


So I am thinking to paint the main wall across from the front door black-- the wall will be the backdrop to a table, likely a white table since the wall is going dark. Here is a snap of the space to jog your memory.

And... drumroll please, here's the design I came up with.

The tulip table is from Ikea-- which I was first considering to paint a lacquer black, but I later changed my mind.  Instead, I will paint the wall behind the table black.

These delicious leopard upholstered benches are from Calico Corners.  I have been eyeing these sexy ladies for quite some time and was itching to incorporate them somewhere in my house, and I think the foyer is the perfecto place for them.

The gold sconces are vintage.

The flush-mount light fixture is from Overstock.  I don't know about y'll, but I die for Overstock (and Amazon).  I find so much goodness on those two websites, and the fact that shipping costs me next to nothing makes the deal that much sweeter.

I have a newfound obsession with bust statues!! I want to put one everywhere.  Hopefully they don't freak out my tots.  For the foyer, I plan to paint my Apollo bust a glossy navy color to give the space that necessary pop of color.

And... one of my favorite prints from These Fine Walls, Twiggy.  This print makes me all sorts of happy and I'm so thrilled to use it in my house!

The one thing I'm struggling with is whether to get a mini rug/runner for the foyer.  The gal on my left shoulder says leave the black and white diamond pattern of the floors fully exposed.  The gal on my right shoulder is telling me the rug is needed to complete the space.  Hmm... decisions decisions.

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