Thursday, April 23, 2015

Spring Fever with a splash of gold, black, acrylic, and fur!

Spring is finally here.  The sneezing, runny nose, itchy eyes is a constant reminder!! Blah. Nonetheless, doesn't the warm weather just make you restless and eager to be out and about.  Not only that, but it also makes me a restless eager beaver inside le maison where all I want to do is clean and decorate (let's be real, more the latter)... well, actually finish decorating my house.  If you follow me on Instagram (and if you don't, I think you should-- you can find me here), you know that a few weeks ago, I featured the home of the oh-so fabulous Ashlina, author/owner of The Decorista (who you should tots be following).  She recently did a designer spotlight post on Megan Winters, and the image below caught my eye, which inspired me to come up with this inspiration board.

WHERE TO BUY: 1. CB2 Candelholder | 2. Acrylic/Brass Folding Table | 3. Artwork | 4. Fur Stool  

I can see the acrylic console table with this emerald green bench (see below) in my house.  However, I would do some DIY action on the legs, and paint them a glossy black.  Wait, I just checked dimensions and the bench is too wide.  Shoot.  But... I could use it elsewhere in my current abode, and the price tag ($299) makes it a steal! 
Colette 49" Tufted Bench, Emerald
But this bench would fit under the consolde table!  That upholstery... swooning.

Paige 38" Skirted Storage Bench, Dots
Oh my goshhhhhhh!! Gasp!  Now, this would be divine anywhere. The price tag is much steeper (at $1199), but it's so perfecto.  I got my eye on you, lady bench.  

Trojan Velvet Bench, Pink

I somewhat digressed.  My point was that the items featured above are all things I could use in my spring time decorate/re-decorate mission, especially that little fur stool. And, they are all affordable pieces. I hope it inspires you!

I'll also like to apologize for being a tad MIA in the blogosphere.  Work was cray cray the last month or so, and therefore, I have not been able to fulfill my self-imposed blogging committments.  I am back now with no lengthy overseas travel planned in the forseeable future so you'll be hearing a lot from me. Toodles!

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  1. A room with some of my favorite things - gold, lucite, and statement art…fabulous! The fur stool is so fun - happy weekend!

    1. We share the same love for gold, lucite and statement art! I'm also uhhhbsessed with fur anything. Thanks for dropping by! Hope you have a fab weekend. xo