Monday, June 22, 2015

Bathroom Mood Board... and Yes, It Happens to be Black + White

I have been MIA again.  Ugh.  Sometimes I forget it ain't a piece 'a cake being a mommy to my cutest twins, an awesome wifey (if I do say so myself), managing a full-time sometimes too damn intense day job, and having a love affair with design-- all while squeezing in an occasional episode of Orange is the New Black and Game of Thrones (O.M.G there's still so much I want to say about GOT season finale, but I digress).  In sum, I have been working my butt off and thus neglecting Decor Envy. Sowwy, my dearest readers.  I even got a Nutri-bullet to make myself healthy, energizing drinks so I stop snacking on kettle cooked chips as I work away into the wee hours of the night... and also, so I can replace those morning caramel macchiatos (failing on the latter... at least I take it skim!). I digress again.

So, here's what I got for you.  I have been working with a client on a mood board for her bathroom. We are envisioning a floating sink console, all the walls tiled in a herringbone pattern--white tiles, of course-- black hexagon tiled flooring, a bad ass large light fixture, and a gold oversized mirror. Sink faucet will be chrome.  Bathroom hardware -- towel bar, toilet paper holder, and the like in lucite and brass.  Yes, we are mixing metals.  There's no rule against it, but my personal rule of thumb is no more than two different metals in a bathroom.  Look at this sexiness from Lux Holdups.

And... here's the mood board.

Oops, I almost forgot to mention.  Ceiling will be painted in matte black with matching 5-6" inch crown molding. Ohhh, yes!

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  1. Oh this sounds gorgeous! Can't wait to see the finished result! xxx