Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Transformation Tuesday: A Classic Kitchen Gets a Classic Redesign

I know... I know, it has been a good minute since I've done a Transformation Tuesday post.  Please don't hate me. It's been chaotic lately. But, you'll forgive me in two seconds.

This mama was SWOONING-- l.i.t.e.r.a.l.l.y-- when I fell upon this gorgeous kitchen on My Domaine. Does it not tug at your heartstrings?  If I could re-design my kitchen right now, I would soooo opt for black lower cabinets and white upper cabinets (with brass hardware, of course!). I personally think the classic details and design of this space, including the two color cabinetry look, can outlive trends and fads.  Before you saw two separate colors between the island and the cabinets, but now the two tone look is moving to the bottom and upper cabinets.  Choosing lighter uppers gives the illusion of a bright and open space, while darker lowers makes the room feel more grounded (side note, mamas and papas out there, darker lower cabinets also masks toddler fingerprints--an added bonus!). If only money really did grow on trees... or at least on the tree in my backyard!

Check out this before.  Dark and dingy.  Is it just me or did the space look awfully small in the original setup? The renovated kitchen doesn't even look like it's from the same house. Reconfiguring a room, and mastering the art of maximizing the space and allowing in more natural light, can do so much for that room. Notice in the "after" photo, in place of the hood there is a window?  That one small (OK, maybe not so small) change has a major impact on the room.  The extra window allows extra light in and gives the illusion of a larger space.

Let's look at some more pretty "afters."

The white subway tiles accentuate the classic look that the designer, Katie Hackworth, was aiming to preserve.  Preserving the old charm of the house was another reason why Katie chose a furniture base versus a traditional toe kick; again a small detail with a big impact .  (For those that are unfamiliar with toe kicks, it's a recess at the bottom of a base cabinet allowing you to get close to the countertop without stubbing your toes.  All kitchens have them.)

Branches on a kitchen countertop

Tolix bar stools in a kitchen

Hope you enjoyed today's Transformation Tuesday post.  If you need some help polishing up your kitchen or entirely gutting and renovating your kitchen, send me a message at yelda@decorenvyblog.com.
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  1. wow this kitchen is so amazing! i've always wanted an all white kitchen. but the black cabinets make it so timeless and classy.

    1. I agree! It makes me want to redo my entire kitchen.. but that's not practical ha ha. Next house hopefully!

  2. Wow, that is just ridiculously beautiful. I keep wavering back and forth whether to paint my lower cabinets a dark colour but damn girl, this is seriously doing it for me!! Thanks for sharing! xxx

    1. DO IT! I really want to paint my lower cabinets after seeing this buuuut that won't be happening anytime soon. Ha! If you do it, please share I wanna see!